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(PHP 7)


There are three scenarios where a TypeError may be thrown. The first is where the argument type being passed to a function does not match its corresponding declared parameter type. The second is where a value being returned from a function does not match the declared function return type. The third is where an invalid number of arguments are passed to a built-in PHP function (strict mode only).

Sinopsisul clasei

TypeError extends Error {
/* Metode moștenite */
final public string Error::getMessage ( void )
final public Throwable Error::getPrevious ( void )
final public mixed Error::getCode ( void )
final public string Error::getFile ( void )
final public int Error::getLine ( void )
final public array Error::getTrace ( void )
final public string Error::getTraceAsString ( void )
public string Error::__toString ( void )
final private void Error::__clone ( void )
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tech_hutch at verizon dot net
2 years ago
This class is not available in PHP versions < 7.
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